And we’re off!

19 Apr

The last few months have been a crazy, mad dash getting ready to leave the country.  In the last month, we cleared all of our stuff out of the Pacific Rim and onto a shipping container, got married (!!), and I made a last-minute visit to my ailing grandmother in Minnesota.  This all would not have been possible without a LOT of help from our friends, for which we are eternally grateful.  We left the US three days ago with six suitcases containing the basic starter kit to set up our apartment and a month’s worth of clothes while we wait for our shipping container to arrive the third week in May.

Thanks to a little advance planing and our superb teamwork, the registration of our marriage in Germany was completed before we even left the U.S., which is the first step towards establishing my legal residency in Spain.  We had booked a six-day stop in Germany on our way to Barcelona just in case this piece required us to handle it in person, but since this is already done, we are able to just enjoy our time here in Germany.  We’ve spent two days in Berlin, and took the train yesterday evening to Hamburg where we will spend two more days before heading back to Berlin to then fly to Barcelona.

Aleta on the train to Hamburg

Aleta is properly hydrated on the way to Hamburg

We’ve been drinking lots of beer, seeing some sights, and visiting friends. It’s nice to have this little vacation between the last big push to get everything ready for our departure and starting our new lives in Barcelona.

As another testament to our fantastic teamwork and planning, we’ve already signed the lease for an apartment in Barcelona!  We’re pleased as punch with it – it fit all of our major requirements and then some.  The location is right on the edge of the Gothic District, just a few blocks Plaza Catalunya and from the beautifully remodeled Mercat Caterina, in a neighborhood that is relatively quiet but just a few steps away from the bustle of the city.  The flat itself is quite spacious – 85 square meters – with two bedrooms (one of which will be the guest room), two bathrooms, and a nice kitchen and living room.  It’s the top floor of of the building, so our only neighbors are below us.  And it has an elevator that goes straight to our front door!  We’ve already got several friends scheduled for a visit and are looking forward to many more.

With all of our energies focused on planning and packing in the last few months, we haven’t yet finalized arrangements for our wedding celebration in Italy, however we will update you all soon with those details.



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  1. Michelle 2013/04/19 at 16:41 #

    Thanks for the update :) Glad you are having such a good time!