Wedding Gifts

If you would like to support us in our new life together, please consider contributing to our wedding gift fund.

Instead of buying us wedding presents, please donate to our gift fund to help cover the costs of establishing a new life together in Spain.  We have shipped a lot of our possessions to Spain, and while the shipping alone was costly, there are still several pieces of furniture and other items we will need to make our new apartment inviting to us and our friends. We’ve already invested a good chunk of money to buy a new mattress, a bed for the guest room, and a new set of dishes. Next on the purchase list is a full, matching set of utensils! (No more mismatched thrift store sets like we used in our 20’s.) We also still in need cookware and a few appliances since the outlets are different.

Our new dish set?  Does this make us real grown-ups?

Our new dish set! Does this make us real grown-ups?