BCN or Bust

Rob and Aleta have been in a long-distance relationship for almost two years now, and decided it was time to live together.  What better place to live than Barcelona?

Why Barcelona?

With Rob in San Luis Obispo, CA and Aleta in Portland, OR, Barcelona is not the most obvious choice.  However we’re both fed up with the stalemate politics in the US and are ready for a change of pace.  Rob has been to Barcelona several times and was already in love with the city; we decided to travel there together for vacation in November 2011.  We had a fantastic time and as we were leaving, Aleta had tears streaming down her face because she wasn’t ready to leave.  Shortly after that, we started outlining an 18-month plan to move there. Aleta has studied Spanish for many years which will be quite useful.  Rob’s EU citizenship and experience living in Europe will help us navigate cultural and bureaucratic obstacles.

When are you moving?

Our flight is booked for April 15.

What will happen to Pacific Rim (Rob’s apartment)?

We hope to find someone in the community who can take it over and continue to host social events here.  Since we can’t take much furniture with us, much of it can stay at the Rim.  Contact Rob for more info.

What about the financial crisis in Spain? Will Catalonia secede?

It’s true that Spain is going through a financial crisis.  They had a banking/housing crisis similar to what the U.S. went through in 2008 and are still reeling from the fallout.  Catalonia, the province in which Barcelona is located, is doing better than other provinces in Spain but is also struggling.  Support for Catalonian independence has grown tremendously over the last year due to economic tensions.  However even if the region moves forward with a petition for independence, the Spanish government has made it clear that they would fight it.  There is still a long way to go before Catalonia has a chance at independence, but we’re looking forward to the possibility of becoming a part of history!

While housing, food, and other basic costs are increasingly difficult for locals to afford while facing decreasing wages and 25% unemployment, we won’t have much difficulty with our more stable income from the U.S.  We’ll also benefit from sharing costs since we’ll be living together.

Can I visit?

Yes, we would love for you to visit!  We plan to have a guest room with a good bed and would love to show you around.  Let us know if you’re thinking about visiting so we can put you on the calendar.