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Leaving from LA

23 Apr

[ Now that our neighbor has shared his WiFi with us, we’re online to share our stories! I’ll catch up on older posts to start with. ] So, we’ve started our travels! As we were arriving at LAX my Mom txted and and said: “Are you going to be able to leave”? I shuddered for […]

And we’re off!

19 Apr

The last few months have been a crazy, mad dash getting ready to leave the country.  In the last month, we cleared all of our stuff out of the Pacific Rim and onto a shipping container, got married (!!), and I made a last-minute visit to my ailing grandmother in Minnesota.  This all would not […]

Huzzah! Tickets are purchased.

22 Jan

Plans are coming along.  We just purchased our one-way tickets to Spain this evening, departing April 15th, spending a few days in Berlin to get the appropriate marriage paperwork sorted out, and then flying to Barcelona on April 21st. Additionally, Aleta’s house just went into escrow!  She finally got an offer on her house this […]

Things I will miss.

13 Jan

I imagine this will be the first entry of many about things I will miss, or things I do miss once I’m in Spain. Of course I will miss the familiarity of home that comes with any familiar home, at first. There are also things that I’m worried I won’t have access to that I […]

Bookmark this blog!

31 Dec

While this site is currently focused on our wedding, we plan to use this site more generally to document our experience of moving to Barcelona and our subsequent adventures. The URL,, is shorthand for the blog title, Barcelona For the Win.  BCN is the airport code for Barcelona.  FTW (short for “For the Win”) is internet slang; […]