Grocery shopping

21 Jun

I haven’t gushed about living in Barcelona in a while since we got caught up in the rat race for a bit. But now that things are calming down, we went for a casual grocery run.

We walked maybe a total of 300m (yards) and went to our favorite butcher, our favorite vegetable stand and our local bodega. We’ve become regulars at these places and have a rapport going. Grandma at the vegetable stand teases us for buying too many lemons (I’m going to bring her a bartendro made Lemon Drop to explain). One of her co-workers checked us out with a piece of paper and a pen — he did grade school arithmetic to figure our bill.

At the bodega bought 2L of sweet wine for Tinto de Verano and immediately got invited in for a free glass of cava.

And at lunch we went to our favorite family-run bocadillo (sandwiches, in this case two pieces of bread that hold an ungodly amount of meat and cheeze together!) place where the staff immediately took a picture of my Catalan flag hair. We both felt very welcome there and I was even complimented on my Castellano. 

It feels really good to be accepted in a place and to start to know the people around you. This is what I really wanted from life and I got it.

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