Huzzah! Tickets are purchased.

22 Jan

Plans are coming along.  We just purchased our one-way tickets to Spain this evening, departing April 15th, spending a few days in Berlin to get the appropriate marriage paperwork sorted out, and then flying to Barcelona on April 21st.

Additionally, Aleta’s house just went into escrow!  She finally got an offer on her house this weekend after it had been on the market for two months with no bites.  After a couple rounds of negotiation they landed on a sale price that included 2 dozen Voodoo Donuts. Really!

Sale agreement includes 2 dozen voodoo donuts

The closing date is February 21st; Rob will fly up to Portland during her last week in town and we’ll throw Aleta’s stuff in a U-Haul and drive to SLO.  Aleta will move in to the Pacific Rim for the remainder of our time here in the U.S. where we’ll complete the final stages of preparing to leave the country.

It’s really happening!

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