Italian Wedding Postponed until September

1 Feb

We’ve been working hard for the last month to completely research and plan our wedding, international paperwork, moving and having a wedding party for friends.

OMFG. It is ever complicated!

TL;DR: We can’t realistically make all of that happen at the same time.  Instead, we decided to focus on making sure our move to Spain goes as smoothly as possible. That will buy us time to plan an awesome wedding ceremony in Italy at the end of September.

Now for the long version. Getting married in Italy typically happens at their city hall and not in the amazing Tuscany countryside (unless you have too much money). There is also the task of getting permission to get married and getting those documents translated. Then there are translators and the two week waiting period. So we researched getting married in various countries. Netherlands: not allowed for foreigners. UK: OMFG, visa applications and paperwork up the wazoo. Germany: Red tape und €€€, sofort!

Ultimately, we realized that things will be a lot easier if we plan the legal marriage and the celebration separately.  So the legal marriage will take the easiest path, and the celebration is still on for Italy.  Nothing has changed, really, except the date and the paperwork requirements.

We’re currently searching for a wedding location in Italy, and have found this to be a more difficult task than we had hoped. We’re guesstimating that we’re going to have 25-30 people at the event. But villas that sleep 30 people are quite rare, and the few that exist are very expensive.

We’re also hesitant about renting a space for 30 people, since we’re not 100% certain that we’ll have that many people really attending. If we rent a place for 20 people deep in the countryside, are 10 people out of luck? Will they have to drive to and from the nearest hotel?  We found a few places that fit most of our criteria but are far from hotels and airports, which makes them quite undesirable.

We need to find a place that can either:

  • House up to 30 people and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, or
  • Have a central space that doesn’t provide lodging for the entire group (perhaps just a few people), but has space to hang out and eat together. This place would need to be close to a hotel or other lodging options for the guests can stay.  Preferably within walking distance.

Sadly, places like these may be a bit tricky to locate.  But we know that our friends know everything and if they don’t know something they know someone who does.  It seems that a lot of people know people who have gotten married in Italy and/or had amazing events there.  We’re enlisting everyone we know to help us find this perfect place.  Do you know of anything that fits this description?

We want to eat good food in Italy, party with our friends and maybe squeeze in a silly ceremony. We think it could take any number of forms. Maybe an airbnb house with a large garden and a large kitchen near hotels for people to stay? Maybe a penthouse suite in a hotel?

Please cast your nets far and wide and help us find the perfect place for our wedding!

p.s. It’s not too late to RSVP if you’re still interested in coming.

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