8 Oct

I write this as I prepare to leave for a 13-day stint in the US tomorrow.  Today is only my second day home after a week in London, and when we left for London we had only been home a week since getting back from our wedding in Bologna.  I am loving all the adventures, and they were part of the reason we wanted to live in Europe, however I’m looking forward to having several weeks on end here in Barcelona when I get back from the US.

As we settle into our lives here in Barcelona, we are learning lessons and refining our lifestyles accordingly.  I think in the future one refinement I’d like to make is to space out my travel a bit more.  Traveling has started to get in the way of us settling into our apartment here and building a local community here in Barcelona, and although I am meeting many fabulous friends while on the road, I’d like to have a more solid base to come back to as well.

It’s tough to turn down so many travel opportunities though. There are so many places to see!  We are already talking about going to Vienna in December, New Zealand in February and Amsterdam in the spring.  The European burner community is also fantastic and there is at least one burner event a month going on in some city in Europe that we could hop on a plane and join.  Tough choices…

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