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Culture shock

5 Nov

When we moved to Spain, I knew that going back to the states periodically would give us random bits of culture clash. And sure, enough the last two weeks in California gave me ample opportunities to experience this. In the parking lot of Wal-Mart (don’t ask me what I was doing there!) I saw two […]

Biking and walking in Barcelona

4 Oct

[ It’s been too long since we’ve posted here — life in Barcelona has swallowed us up! ] One of the things that keeps impressing me is how people get along in this city. A city with 3 million people (in the greater Barcelona area) provides ample challenges to keep everyone out of everyone else’s […]

Living in the land of guapa

23 Aug

Greetings from Menorca! You may not have heard of the island of Menorca. Its a small island, part of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean — most people probably heard of Mallorca, the literal larger sister island to Menorca. In Menorca they speak a dialect of Catalan called Menorquí and in a lot of senses […]

On tribes

15 Jul

When Aleta and I were planning our departure from the US, I kept thinking how wrong it felt to leave the amazing tribe of friends I have. What am I doing? I love my friends! Well, this was one of those times when you have to perserve and believe that you can keep your friendships […]

Grocery shopping

21 Jun

I haven’t gushed about living in Barcelona in a while since we got caught up in the rat race for a bit. But now that things are calming down, we went for a casual grocery run. We walked maybe a total of 300m (yards) and went to our favorite butcher, our favorite vegetable stand and […]

Código Postal! Our first week in review.

28 Apr

We’ve been in Barcelona for a week now — its been an amazing week too. We’d set out a plan to get a pile of things done in the first week — some worked out as planned and others are spilling over into the next week. All things involving US banks are moving painfully slow. […]

Adventures in Hamburg

23 Apr

After some more putzing around Berlin we caught a train to Hamburg in the evening. We had beers before the train and we brought beers onto the train. Once we arrived in Hamburg, we went and had schnitzel and beer. The next day we went to visit my friend André’s mom and his brother — […]

Leaving from LA

23 Apr

[ Now that our neighbor has shared his WiFi with us, we’re online to share our stories! I’ll catch up on older posts to start with. ] So, we’ve started our travels! As we were arriving at LAX my Mom txted and and said: “Are you going to be able to leave”? I shuddered for […]

Why NYE?

31 Dec

Why did we post the announcement of our wedding on NYE when most people have other things on their mind? New Years Eve is effectively the 2 year anniversary of our relationship, so posting this today was quite fitting. Also, I’d like to note that if Greg hadn’t thrown the Stoke the World NYE 2010 […]