Please Join Us!

Photo by Brian Matis

Photo by Brian Matis

We would love to have you join us at our wedding! But there is one catch: You need to cover your own expenses to travel to Bologna, Italy. (You did hear that we’re getting married in Italy, right?) We realize that this is going to drastically reduce the number of people who can attend the wedding; sadly, there isn’t much we can do about this.

If you want to join us, you’ll need to cover your airfare (yes, the airlines are still charging exorbitant rates; they’re around $1000). We’ll also ask you to chip in to the party/rental/chef — moving to Spain is really expensive, so we’ll need your help!

We’re also setting up a scholarship fund to so we can create a few $750 scholarships. This would be just enough help to pay for a large chunk of a plane ticket, but the scholarship recipients would still need to pay for the remainder of their expenses; it will likely take at least another $500 to make this work, depending on lodging costs.


Although we had explored the possibility of sharing a large villa as a group, we ultimately opted to let each person arrange their own lodging; this allows each of you to choose nearby accommodations that best fit your needs and budget.  The apartment that will be our central meeting spot is located next to (not at) Art Hotel Novecento, Piazza Galileo, 4 40123 Bologna, Italy.


Please RSVP if you are considering attending, and we’ll add you to the event Facebook page to receive announcements regarding logistics, coordinate with the other attendees regarding lodging and other plans. We will also need a reasonably accurate head count for the dinner Saturday evening.  If you previously RSVP’d but your plans have changed, RSVP again with your updated information.