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Döner: the European Burrito

21 Sep

Burritos have been on my mind lately.  There’s been a meme going around the internet that keeps reminding me that it has been FIVE MONTHS since I’ve eaten a burrito.  Five months!! There are a few Mexican restaurants here, but they are sad imitations of real Mexican food.  I would not order a burrito from […]

A few insights into Italian culture

19 Sep

In the two days since I returned from spending a week in Bologna and a day in Florence, I’ve been noting more differences between Italian culture and Spanish culture now that I’m seeing them in juxtaposition: I barely ate any vegetables in Italy. I mean, almost NO vegetables. I’d estimate that I cumulatively ate 6 […]

We love lemon!

2 Sep

As a Mediterranean country, citrus grows well here.  So it’s not surprising to find a lot of lemon used in beverages here, and a bit in the cuisine as well.  Lemons are cheap and are often sold in 1-kilo bags (usually 8-10 lemons, depending on their size). It didn’t take much time for us to […]

Food, part one (of many)

4 Jul

Today, July 4, marks my 90th day in the EU, most of which were spent in Spain.  I marked Day 90 on the calendar because I entered the EU on a Shengen 90-day tourist visa, and if I wasn’t able to gain legal residency before today, I would have to leave all Shengen territories for […]

Grocery shopping

21 Jun

I haven’t gushed about living in Barcelona in a while since we got caught up in the rat race for a bit. But now that things are calming down, we went for a casual grocery run. We walked maybe a total of 300m (yards) and went to our favorite butcher, our favorite vegetable stand and […]

Things I will miss.

13 Jan

I imagine this will be the first entry of many about things I will miss, or things I do miss once I’m in Spain. Of course I will miss the familiarity of home that comes with any familiar home, at first. There are also things that I’m worried I won’t have access to that I […]