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A few insights into Italian culture

19 Sep

In the two days since I returned from spending a week in Bologna and a day in Florence, I’ve been noting more differences between Italian culture and Spanish culture now that I’m seeing them in juxtaposition: I barely ate any vegetables in Italy. I mean, almost NO vegetables. I’d estimate that I cumulatively ate 6 […]

And we’re off!

19 Apr

The last few months have been a crazy, mad dash getting ready to leave the country.  In the last month, we cleared all of our stuff out of the Pacific Rim and onto a shipping container, got married (!!), and I made a last-minute visit to my ailing grandmother in Minnesota.  This all would not […]

Italian Wedding Postponed until September

1 Feb

We’ve been working hard for the last month to completely research and plan our wedding, international paperwork, moving and having a wedding party for friends. OMFG. It is ever complicated! TL;DR: We can’t realistically make all of that happen at the same time.  Instead, we decided to focus on making sure our move to Spain […]

Creationists vs Pastafarians

15 Jan

I was heartened to read this story today about a young man who became an activist when his middle-school teachers tossed out their science books in favor of books that taught creationism and other unproven theories as truth, like the Loch Ness Monster.  I thought this might be a good segway to talk a little […]

What I did on my holiday vacation

29 Dec

If you’ve read the info about our wedding plans, you know that getting our paperwork in order to reside in Spain will not be an easy task. I spent two days in LA after Christmas since I was already in Southern California to visit Rob in SLO and spend Christmas with him and his mom […]