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Navigating banking and bill paying in a foreign land

5 Sep

I wasted several hours today trying to figure out how to pay our mobile phone bills.  This story is a great illustration of numerous experiences we’ve had trying to navigate the banking, bill paying, and bureaucracy here.  The systems for these sorts of things are pretty different from the US, so it’s all a learning process […]

One month

27 May

It’s hard to believe that a full month has passed since we arrived. Things are starting to fall into place: Rob now has his NIE & residency card, which gives him full access to his bank account, as well as the ability to sign other contracts such as signing up for Bicing, the city bike-sharing […]

Health Insurance

12 May

Today we completed our third week in Barcelona, and accomplished one of the major hurdles of establishing residency.  Rob is now an official resident of Spain as of Wednesday!  This opens quite a few doors to us that were previously closed.  As soon as that was done, we immediately completed the process of setting up […]


29 Apr

This week we are focusing our energies on obtaining our NIE, (the Spanish equivalent of a green card in the U.S.), and our Tarjeta de Residencia, which recognizes a foreigner’s residency and allows them to work and generally go about their daily lives without too much trouble.  To get the NIE, we need either proof […]

Italian Wedding Postponed until September

1 Feb

We’ve been working hard for the last month to completely research and plan our wedding, international paperwork, moving and having a wedding party for friends. OMFG. It is ever complicated! TL;DR: We can’t realistically make all of that happen at the same time.  Instead, we decided to focus on making sure our move to Spain […]

What I did on my holiday vacation

29 Dec

If you’ve read the info about our wedding plans, you know that getting our paperwork in order to reside in Spain will not be an easy task. I spent two days in LA after Christmas since I was already in Southern California to visit Rob in SLO and spend Christmas with him and his mom […]