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Home for a Third Culture Kid

28 Oct

This term came up frequently in conversation this weekend with various people I met or interacted with during London Decom and the tangential socializing.  More than one person teared up when they realized that I had just articulated something that resonated deeply with their experience, so I thought it worthy of sharing with others as […]


8 Oct

I write this as I prepare to leave for a 13-day stint in the US tomorrow.  Today is only my second day home after a week in London, and when we left for London we had only been home a week since getting back from our wedding in Bologna.  I am loving all the adventures, […]

We love lemon!

2 Sep

As a Mediterranean country, citrus grows well here.  So it’s not surprising to find a lot of lemon used in beverages here, and a bit in the cuisine as well.  Lemons are cheap and are often sold in 1-kilo bags (usually 8-10 lemons, depending on their size). It didn’t take much time for us to […]

On tribes

15 Jul

When Aleta and I were planning our departure from the US, I kept thinking how wrong it felt to leave the amazing tribe of friends I have. What am I doing? I love my friends! Well, this was one of those times when you have to perserve and believe that you can keep your friendships […]

Summer is here!

23 Jun

Slowly but surely we’re starting to fall into the rhythm of life here in Barcelona.  After an unusually long Spring, the heat has finally descended and we now understand the reason for afternoon naps (during peak heat), late dinners, staying up even later into the night when the temperature is mild, and sleeping in.  Most […]

Nowhere is Somewhere

3 Feb

I signed up to receive email announcements about  the Nowhere festival last week, and just a few days later I got an email saying that tickets had gone on sale!  I’ve heard it compared to Burning Man; it’s held in the desert near Zaragoza, Spain, about 3 hours from Barcelona.  It’s held in July every […]